With The Sun's Rising
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With The Sun’s Rising: Book Three Of The Misty Creek Series

Others might think Elizabeth Sonnefelt’s life idyllic. Recently married to Matthew, setting up housekeeping in a new home, surrounded by dear friends of the community, Elizabeth seems to have it all. What more could the teacher of Misty Creek’s one-room school desire?

But few knew what was missing in her life. Elizabeth suffered from an unfulfilled void that drove her heart to ache. Nor did any know the words that only she heard. Perhaps others might consider the evil man’s final statements nonsense, but Elizabeth knew that within those brief phrases was a looming threat. Living on the frontier, Elizabeth begins navigating her new life as Matthew’s wife, while her mind works to unravel the riddle within those words. It is clear that someone sent the evil man to kill them along the trail that hot August afternoon. And Elizabeth knows that person intends to finish the task.

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