Weekly List Journal

Weekly List Journal: Increasing Productivity And Christian Mindfulness

I will never forget the day I realized that a journal is one of the most useful tools a person can have. I woke up uneasy. There was so much to do; I did not know where to begin. I desperately needed to work on the 3 or 4 projects that had to be done soon. But I really needed to take the extra to pray and reflect. Because things were happening so fast, I could not enjoy being in the Lord’s presence. So I grabbed my journal and began to write a list of all I had to do. I use this time to make plans, set goals, and take small steps to achieve them.

When I was reflecting, I realized there were things I had to get done today and things that could be done tomorrow. Of course, I was praying while making the list. I soon realized my list was not as big as I first thought. The Lord’s wisdom and my journal helped me find a good plan. It also helped me to be productive and bailed me out of a bad attitude. Of course, if we are going to get anywhere in life, we have to have a plan and a good attitude. These journals were developed to promote these aspects of Christian mindfulness. On the first page, I set my goals and appointments for the week. And on the second page, I list the good things that happened during the week. If you use two days for each week, this journal will last a year.

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By jonathonwright

I am currently writing a book called God Unusual Plan. It is a dramatic historic devotional study of Genesis 1-9. I hope you enjoy.

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