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Turning the Tide of Emotional Turbulence: Devotions for Parents with Teens in Crisis

Do you parent a teen wrestling with abandonment, depression, identity issues, suicidal tendencies, low self-esteem, body image obsessions, self-harm. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, mood-disorders, bad company, anxiety, drugs, criminal behavior, promiscuity, or sexual abuse?

Stacy Lee Flury exposes the parent’s daily emotional battles. Treading the water in the stormy seas of raising a troubled teen. With candid humility, she shares her story. Relatable to anyone caught in the riptide of a loved one who struggles with their children’s destructive choices.

These 45 devotions feature personal stories, challenge questions, Scriptures, and prayer.

Stacy’s message of hope, restoration, and renewal will calm the rough seas of distressed parents and teens adrift in problematic times.

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