Treachery Makes It Tense

Treachery Makes It Tense: Shadow Council Series Book 4

When a vanquished foe resurfaces with vengeance on his mind …

Special Agent Megan Luchek expects the danger to fall to her. She does not expect her FBI partner’s entire family to disappear.

Cassandra Mirren witnesses her boss’s murder and gets drawn into a deadly game. Now, she has a choice—either work with Agent Luchek or betray her.

Both women are about to find out that treachery makes it tense.


This is Book 4 in the Shadow Council series. The complete series is Money Makes it Deadlier, Revenge Makes it Sweeter, Christmas Makes it Chaos, and Treachery Makes it Tense.

There are two follow-up series called Eagle Eyes and Cyber League Crimes. Each combination title is available in ebook, print, or audiobook. If you grab the ebook, you can get a discount on the audio version performed by Liz Brand. The combo books are also available in paperback form. There’s a combination ebook called Megan Luchek that has all 10 of the novellas.

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