Transplanted To Red Clay
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Transplanted to Red Clay (Appalachian Roots Book 4)

Love is God’s greatest gift, and sometimes what you’re looking for has been yours all along.

When her Aunt Ivy invites Rachel Moretz to come to the family’s Stanly County farm, she jumps at the chance. Though Rachel loves her parents’ mountain farm, she feels isolated there. There are no other teenagers at home, and at sixteen she’d like to finally have some friends her age.

The trip down the mountain will bring unexpected friendships, suitors, and dangers, and Rachel will have to rely on family for support as she faces unexpected trials and prejudices.

She barely remembers her half-cousin, Patrick, though he seems to have intriguing memories of her. He soon becomes Rachel’s best friend, helping her navigate many uncertainties while introducing her to Stanly County society.

Through her circumstances, Rachel must come to realize that the best plan for her life is God’s plan, and that forgiveness comes in many forms.

In Transplanted to Red Clay, the final book in the Appalachian Roots series, the Moretz family’s story comes full circle in love.

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