Time-Told Tales Volume 2

Two classic tales set in the Middle Ages come alive with characters that will steal your heart. The timeless plots become believable and all too real, and readers will find themselves quickly turning pages until the end.

This is the print version of two related Kindle novellas, Patricia’s Prison and Jack’s Jewel. It follows Time-Told Tales, Volume One with Roslyn’s Rescue and Glenda’s Gold.

Each story stands alone, but they are in sequential order.

In Patricia’s Prison, Patricia’s parents want her to marry an older duke for his title and wealth, but her interest is drawn to Charles, one of her father’s knights. When she defies them, her stubborn, unpredictable father will have none of it, the unforeseen occurs, and there is nothing Patricia can do about it.

When Jack’s mother sends him to sell their cow, he can find no one to buy it, so he trades the animal for some remarkable beans in Jack’s Jewel. His mother is not pleased, however, and demands he leave. He heads south, hoping to find a home. In Fairleigh, the earl is going to allow him to plant his beans in one of his fields, but Jack cannot help but notice the earl’s beautiful daughter. However, he will have to use all his wits if the earl ever allows him to court Pearl.

Time-Told Tales Volume 1 includes Roslyn’s Rescue and Glenda’s Gold.

Time-Told Tales Volume 2 includes Patricia’s Prison and Jack’s Jewel.

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