The Zealots

The Zealots

B08L9HMQCJ- Kindle Edition
1951084276- Paperback
1951084268- Hardcover

When fast friends diverge from ancient paths, their lives are changed forever.

Political angst of Roman rule has never been more harrowing than in first-century Judea.

As one murderous event after another causes Shim’on to join a radical movement, he begins to wonder whether vengeance can satiate his demons.

Shim’on craves peace. Can he find peace living in Zealot caves?

When his idealistic friend, Yeshua, is taken into the underbelly of the Holy City of Jerusalem, the two young men begin to discover each other’s secrets and the limits of political camaraderie,

The Zealots is the stuff of legends, myths & fables that has entertained readers of Ben Hur, The Silver Chalice, Two from Galilee, The Robe, A Man Called Peter, and The Mark of the Lion. A classic survival story.


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