The Wolf Is Crying
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The Wolf Is Crying to Be Heard (Turning Point Series Book 3)

“Inside every man dwells two wolves.” – Cherokee legend

“The howl of the wolf echoes humans crying for a place to belong” – Gray Wolf, Kentucky, 1899

Political movements demand government ownership of businesses, less immigration to America, universal health care, and other reforms as the 1800s become the 1900s. Eventually, a movement to prohibit alcohol succeeds even as middle-aged women are the ones most addicted to legal opium based elixirs. Members of Congress call American soldiers fighting in the Philippines “murderers” and a presidential candidate rails against what he calls his nation’s “imperialism.”

Two friends from different worlds come of age during this generation of upheaval. Though one is belittled as a backwoods hillbilly from Kentucky and the other ostracized because of his religion, they learn from each other how to live and love family despite wars and social changes.

The women who become their wives help them survive WW I and the beginnings of the Great Depression.

The Wolf Is Crying To Be Heard is Book Three of the Turning Point Series.

The series covers three events that shaped America to make it what it is today:

  • the 1849 California Gold Rush, which brought emigrants from around the world to California and began an exodus from the eastern United States westward;
  • the decline and fall of the British Empire and Ottoman Empire, which had ruled much of the world for centuries;
  • and America’s entry into wars in Cuba and the Philippines, which began over a century of foreign intervention.

Book One is Fool’s Gold
Book Two is The Prince of Alexandria.
Book Three is The Wolf Is Crying to Be Heard.

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