Wandering Heart

The Wandering Heart by Shaleen

Has your heart ever wandered from God?

Mine has.

My heart has been crying out to the Lord. Wondering, why haven’t I been healed? Why do I feel so lethargic? I have been running from the Lord. I have been disobeying the Lord for several years. I allowed Satan to have victory over me.

Not Anymore.

When you allow someone to be used to hinder your ministry, you’re in effect allowing the devil to have victory in your life. Your Christian life has become a heap of rubble. And when you stand before the Lord, you will have to give an answer as to why you disobeyed the Lord.

There is nothing you can say. For there are no excuses. All you can do is hang your head in shame. Including me.

I was crying out to God this morning, wondering why I felt so bad physically. Why I had no strength to do the chores needed around the house. Because I feel so bad, I used it as an excuse to not write or sing specials at Church.

Then he reminded me of a dear elderly saint on social media who cries for interceding prayers each day. Prayers for healing, strength, and mercy. Prayers to help her obey the Lord with her writing. She isn’t the only Christian saint who struggles on a daily basis.

There are many pastors and missionaries around the world who struggle with physical diseases. Yet they continue to go about doing the Lord’s work in spite of their physical problems.

A local pastor recently passed away with Covid. His family and Church are heartbroken. He obeyed the Lord when he was called to preach. By many accounts, people would think that his disability should’ve kept him from preaching, driving, and performing many other activities. You know what his disability was? He didn’t have any arms.

So, if these two people can continue to obey the Lord through their illnesses and disabilities, then we can follow their example and obey the Lord as well.

Being Saved

If you’re not saved, confess your sins to Jesus Christ and give your heart to Him. He has something better for you and for you to do. If you’re saved, but not following the Lord’s will, then please repent and do what he has called you to do. You will never regret being saved or obeying the Lord.

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By Shaleen

Shaleen lives with her cat in the small rural town she grew up in. She can usually be found playing her piano or working on one of several writing projects she has in the works. She hosts a blog, Heavenly News, and has written a children's book about the resurrection of Christ, "What Benjamin Saw." She has also written a book called "The Farmer's Wandering Heart" about a farmer who finds love on a wagon train headed for Oregon. This is the first book of the series, "Trail of Love."

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