The Stages of Me
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The Stages of Me: A Journey of Chronic Illness Turned Inside Out

The Stages Of ME with faith, hope and understanding anything is possible.

In this book you will experience a journey. Through each stage you will see the Director and how He intercedes to produce His scene. He is ever present hoping to form a personal relationship with anyone willing to open his or her heart to Him.

The stages of ME are the stages of WE!

  • WE – are all a collection of the words and actions that breach our path. Each interlude is a continuation.
  • WE – continue through the ME’s of the future.
  • WE – have tasks to perform with Direction.
  • WE – must be careful in the touches of others as gentle as possible and when we are not, stop, rewind and redo our scenes.

The Stages of ME has included my personal experiences with a debilitating muscle disease, near death occurrences, heart disease in the man I love and the loss of loved ones.

My stages are personal as are yours. By sharing my journey I hope it sparks a desire for you to reflect on your stages. The irony of life has brought me full circle.

My Director, places a touch, and a whisper of my future as He casts the people in my life. He is always guiding if I am open to Him.

This is a journey I did not plan to take. I hope you enjoy the show with me. I hope and wish for you to find your STAGES Of ME!

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By Michael Furlonger

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