The Quest For Hope Invisible Battles
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The Quest For Hope (Invisible Battles Book 1)

In the dark land of Novus, a Light is beginning to move. As the true High King attempts to rally his forces, crystalline beings move among mortals, seen and heard only by those specially attuned to their existence. One of the Erela stands supreme above all the rest. Known as the Dark One, Zohar has all but succeeded in erasing the name of the High King from the hearts and minds of everyone in Novus. It is now up to the rest of the Erela to stop his wrath.

In an unknown community tucked away in a hidden valley, an Erela recruits a young apprentice to help carry out their important mission. As Levi embarks on a dangerous quest to fetch a princess and bring her to Zion to fulfill her destiny, she is struggling to understand why she has been chosen to be the new Queen of Novus. After twelve-year-old Aliatta learns the truth about her identity, her life intertwines with Levi’s. As the pair begins the long trek to Zion, they have no idea that the Dark One’s fury has just begun.

The Quest for Hope begins an exciting saga of good versus evil as a young apprentice and a princess journey through a perilous land so she can fulfill her purpose to become their new queen.

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