The Quest

The Quest

With six miscarriages in one year Mrs. Chima embarks on a quest to end her agony. Not minding if it is in the devil’s harem…but mercy and grace locates her! An interesting story with life changing lessons.

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By Michael Furlonger

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One thought on “The Quest by Chinwe Chimezie Uwaoma”
  1. […] “The Quest” is a story that was born out of my conversation with my husband one evening about the Church. As we discussed I saw a picture of a woman crying profusely and in desperate need for help. The Lord made me understand that many people who are in Church are really in deep need of one thing or the other. However, many seek for help in ungodly manner although they are in Church. They are impatient to see the promises of God come to pass in their lives. All they want is an ASAP God who must do their bidding as fast as he could. When God is not forthcoming in this manner they go on a quest for solutions not minding if it is the Devil’s harem. They end up putting themselves in many sorrows. […]

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