The Prince of Alexandria (Turning Point Series Book 2)
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The Prince of Alexandria (Turning Point Series Book 2)

Egypt is on the brink of civil war. It’s not present day but 1882, when an American journalist and British soldier meet in Alexandria and become co-authors, eventually writing a book about their dangerous times.

The journalist finds the big story he’s been searching for and sells it to newspapers back in America.

The soldier, Benjamin Worthington, finds love with an Egyptian woman but her father objects and duty sends a broken hearted Benjamin to India and then Hong Kong before returning to Egypt and then South Africa. He serves when the British Empire is in decline and the Ottoman Empire is beginning to lose its control of Islam. Nations now demand independence from both empires.

The journalist, Rod Lee, returns to his home in Indiana. He also finds love and more than he can handle when he battles life threatening political and social corruption fueled by the KKK.

The Prince Of Alexandria is Book Two of the Turning Point Series.

The series covers three events that shaped America to make it what it is today:

  • the 1849 California Gold Rush, which brought emigrants from around the world to California and began an exodus from the eastern United States westward;
  • the decline and fall of the British Empire and Ottoman Empire, which had ruled much of the world for centuries;
  • and America’s entry into wars in Cuba and the Philippines, which began over a century of foreign intervention.

Book One is Fool’s Gold
Book Two is The Prince of Alexandria.
Book Three is The Wolf Is Crying to Be Heard.

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