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The Power of Christ Like Thinking by Edward A. Morrison

As I begin to write, even now the words and the complexity of the subject that I have felt the need to express in these pages is immeasurable. Well beyond what a simple man like me can put into words. But I do believe that with the help of the Holy Spirit perhaps it can be inspiring. If not to others, then maybe to me.

I think we have all had our share of doubts as to why God would want to use a sinner like me to reach the minds of the few, let alone the masses. But it is with all humility and trust in Jesus that I write. In hopes that He can use these words to help someone else figure out what it truly means to think like our Lord.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly have not reached any kind of pinnacle in my spiritual walk with the Lord. These are merely a few thoughts on the subject. A subject that has been a part of my journey as a follower of Jesus Christ.

My life and journey with Christ have been one of many ups and downs.

I would like to share some of these personal experiences as a modern-day believer. With that, the many struggles and obstacles that we face particularly in North America where we are bombarded daily by the world views of a media-driven by plenty. So much so that our minds are consumed with the things which we can possess from cars to homes to beauty to sex only escalated by the day-to-day drama of the ones that society considers worth idolizing.

You know the ones that have it all, from sports to music, to acting, the gods of our popular culture, the ones our children idolize and wish they could become or at least dream about becoming. Even many of our churches have taken on these philosophies of narcissism, you can have it all, God wants to give you everything and anything that you so desire.

Preachers teaching congregations about the power of the mind and the laws of attraction.

If you just believe blessings, and I am talking about material and monetary blessings here, will rain down on you from heaven above. So my question is what does that do to the truths in the New Testament like Matthew 6:19-20 that talk about not storing up treasures here on earth where moth and rust destroy.

Many parts of scripture talk about wealth and poverty both in the Old and the New Testaments. If you do an extensive study on these two subjects you will find that wealth is looked upon very negatively, especially in the New Testament.

So, then, how do we deal with these conflicting philosophies as a Bible believing child of God? As in all instances, I believe the answers are found in the scriptures. So my goal in writing these few words is to come to a conclusion based upon scripture as well as personal experience.

1 Corinthians 2:16 says: “For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

Why Do I Feel A Need To Express My Views On Such A Subject?

On the other hand, what would I know about the power of attraction as so many refer to it today?

I’m not approaching this with blind eyes. I have read most of the books by the modern-day positive attitude gurus and, there are plenty of them, both Christian and non-Christian. The profession that I spent a good number of my adult years working in, many of these books were in some ways required reading. Probably the most well-known of these is “Think and Grow Rich” by famed author, Napolean Hill.

Don’t get me wrong I think there are some good qualities found in each of these authors and I really believe their intentions are noble, but I also believe they have led many a person down a road that is not very Christ-like but rather stresses some of the very things that scripture warns us about.

It is sad to see many churches taking on this philosophy as part of their spiritual doctrine.

How Does The Bible Deal With Material Things?

My first suggestion to anyone wishing and praying for wealth so that they can be happy is to read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. Solomon was not only the wisest man to ever live, he was very likely the richest as well.

There are countless examples of individuals reaching the pinnacle of what the world considers success, only to be disillusioned by it. Yet so many of us think it to be all that truly counts in this world.

So, why would we, as Christians, even want to test the waters in this? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that all people who reach acquire this kind of status are bad. Contrary to that, I have met many people whom the world would consider wealthy who are wonderful giving and loving to others.

But here is where the problem begins to infect us. Our human nature is such that we become obsessed with what others have. So begins our downward spiral of wanting and covetousness. So if we begin to set all our goals and dreams upon the world and its materials and pleasures, what happens to our desire for God and the furthering of His kingdom?

The Controversial Topic: The Prosperity Gospel.

If you want it, ask God for it and He will give it to you because you are, after all, a child of God. He is our father and He has given us the power to create our own lives just as we want it to be.

I agree that the mind is a very powerful part of our bodies and I also believe we need to think positively rather than the alternative. So, what exactly should we set our minds on? I would have to say that our wealth and comfort are not what God wants most for any of us.

I believe that we need to set our hearts on the things above, as taught to us by our Lord, not on the temporal materials of this world. Much of scripture warns us of the dangers of wealth and what it can do to our relationship with God. Jesus told us that we cannot serve both God and money.

Look, I don’t think being wealthy is a sin. I think when we become obsessed with it to the point we no longer consider God first in what we are doing with it, then it becomes a problem.

“Next time I will dig a little deeper into the philosophy of “The Law of Attraction”. Until then, God bless and stay safe.”

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