The Huntsman and The Healer

The Huntsman and The Healer

The Guild wants justice. They’ll settle for her life.

Marina didn’t cause the River’s Edge tragedy, but she knows who did. Knowing the truth could spark a war between the two magic races, she determines to carry the secret forever.

The Arkonai High Council wants answers, and they want Daniel to get them.

He knows she’s innocent, but if he doesn’t cooperate, they will send another huntsman. And Marina might not live through the encounter.


You can jump right in or grab some background first. River’s Edge Ransom takes place before this story, and all of Redeemer Chronicles takes place after this story.

Audiobooks are available for books 1-3 singles or as a combination title.

There is also a prequel series called Aeris Legends. The River’s Edge Ransom story is right before The Huntsman and the Healer.

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