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The Human Factor (Victory to Dystopia Series Book 2)

Money may be the mother’s milk of politics, but no amount of money or politics has been able to get astronauts to Mars.

Mars Expedition I results in the deaths of its astronauts. Years later, Mars Expedition II seems headed toward the same disastrous ending, with its astronauts defying Mission Control’s orders from Earth and the political agenda of the mission’s chief scientist, Dr. Graves.

Already defeated while trying to manipulate the astronauts’ selection process, Dr. Graves now uses technology to force his will onto those hurtling toward Mars to establish its first successful human colony. Astronauts Bill and Jackie want to accomplish Mars Expedition II.

But doing so is costing more of everything — time, commitment, perseverance — than the bureaucrats or computer models predicted.

The Human Factor is Book Twoof the Victory to Dystopia series.

The series covers the 150 years of American history from 1945, when the United States took on the mantle of the number one world superpower, until 2095, when it has descended into a dystopia controlled by private citizen technocrats and governmental bureaucrats and the computers and drones they use to control a no longer free people.

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