The Holy War

The Holy War

The Chosen Redeemer has awakened …

But the Outcast’s schemes continue to unfold. Terrible creatures seep in from the Darklands while his servants sow discord wherever they can.

Blaming the Saroth for the rise in dark creatures, an Arkonai cult vows to wage a holy war.

Victoria Saveron and her friends embark on a desperate journey to warn the Saroth of the cult’s plan. Along the way, they come across an entire village of refugees. They want to protect the refugees, but thousands more will die if they fail to stop the holy war.


This is Book 2 in the Redeemer Chronicles series: preceded by Awakening and followed by Reclaim the Darklands.

Audiobooks are available for books 1-3 singles or as a combination title.

There is also a prequel series called Aeris Legends. The first story is called The Huntsman and the Healer, but even that is preceded by a very short story called River’s Edge Ransom.

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