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The Hollow Walk

Mitch Wagner’s family life and faith is just an image of modern Christianity. He works at a Christian social media company that services churches and ministries. His family attends the local mega-church, where his wife Megan has just been made the female worship leader. His kids, Hailey and Austin have been put through private Christian school, where Austin is in his senior year. Hailey attends the local Community college.

Mitch’s Christian walk and relationship with God goes only as far as the image he’s projected.

For many years, Mitch has been numbing himself while his Christian walk has grown hollow to the point where Mitch can’t even tell the difference anymore. But then, several serious devastating events hit Mitch’s life unexpectedly, leaving him to ask is there a real God and what was the point of his faith.

“And just believe? Really? That’s your great answer?! Why should I believe in this God stuff anymore? You know I’m getting a little tired of left holding the bag here while being completely humiliated in the process! So tell me what’s the magic formula? Who do I have to watch online or listen to on the radio? What tape series or book do I need to buy? Tell me what the algebra is for God? So I can have my life back!” Mitch shouts back.

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By Michael Furlonger

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