The Deceptive Side of Suicide

The Deceptive Side Of Suicide

Suicide: a topic many people do not want to talk about!

Get help with depression and thoughts of suicide.

The Deceptive Side Of Suicide is available in Portuguese as well (O Lado Enganoso do Suicídio)

For some reason, suicide is still a taboo topic, but depression and thoughts of suicide is something that more people struggle with than you realize. You would be surprised how many people you know who have contemplated and even attempted suicide. If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from depression and thoughts of suicide, this book will teach you “Eight Steps to Defeating Depression.”

There is also a chapter on suicide prevention, including what to say and what NOT to say to someone you think may be contemplating suicide.

PLUS helpful sections on:
“Common Myths about Suicide.”
“Warning Signs of Suicide.”
“How to Start A Conversation About Suicide.”

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, there is HELP, and HOPE! There is also help for those who are dealing with anger or guilt over a loved one who committed suicide.

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