The Dark Man's Wrath

The Dark Man’s Wrath

Love. Honor. Family.

What’s worth fighting for?

Marina longs to heal the hatred that exists between the two magic races, but evil men and dark spirits fuel the discord for their own purposes.

Daniel strives to fulfill his duties as an Arkonai huntsman and spend time with his family. He’s good at his job, but the Council politics disgust him.

The Dark Man needs something from Daniel, and he will kill or threaten anybody to get it.

Fighting an immortal seems impossible, but if Daniel and Marina fail, their infant daughter will only be the first of many to die.


This is book 2 in a very tightly knit trilogy that starts with The Huntsman and the Healer, leads up to The Lady’s Grace, and ultimately, right to Redeemer Chronicles Books 1-3 (AwakeningThe Holy War, and Reclaim the Darklands)

Audiobooks of The Redeemer Chronicles are available for books 1-3 singles or as a combination title.

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