The Cyber League Crimes

The Cyber League Crimes Books 1-3

Contests with consequences.

Recently returned from a harrowing vacation, FBI Special Agent Megan Luchek tries to settle into her day job in sunny Hawaii. But practically before her feet hit Oahu, a crisis catapults her back to the mainland.

The Popularity Contest: Somebody kidnaps Megan’s sister to star in an online gambling contest.

The Hero Contest: When the Club seeks to run a contest for heroes only, Megan tops their list of candidates.

The Criminal Contest: Megan’s recent adventures have put her in the Club’s crosshairs again.

The agent has powerful friends, but unfortunately, her two biggest supporters are also caught up in deadly dealings. One thing’s certain: Megan’s going to have to beat the Club at their own game.

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By Michael Furlonger

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