The Cross Splits The World
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The Cross Splits the World: The Protest, The Price and The Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ 

Jesus is the only way to God and eternity in Heaven.

Only through Jesus’ finished work on the Cross can you be saved.

What is it about those two statements that make the Cross of Jesus Christ so offensive? What is it about those two statements that can cause such turmoil among brothers that friendships and familial ties will be forever broken?

I believe that it is because of what the Cross of Christ represents; the recognition of the totality and finality of the wickedness of all mankind and the impossibility of eternity with God in Heaven.

I believe the break between brothers comes when the TRUTH of the need of a Savior clashes with the personal belief that each man is his own savior and entrance into Heaven is based solely on good deeds and a good life.

However, I believe that if not for the completed work of Jesus Christ on the Cross forgiveness, sanctification, and justification would not be available to any one.

Without Jesus Christ as the Sacrificial Lamb of God our Father. Without the completed work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, a high priest would still be going behind the veil into the Holy of Holies to perform blood sacrifices of lambs and goats and bulls to appeal to God in Heaven to forgive our sins.

In this book, we will tackle these issues head on, without reservation and discover the PRICE Jesus paid for us on that Cross, the PROTEST so many have against the truth of the Cross and the POWER that resides at the Cross of Jesus Christ.

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By Michael Furlonger

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