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Thank You For Subscribing to ChristianWritersBookstore.

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WordPress Requirements:

If you already have an account with WordPress connected with the information you signed up and purchased the Gold Membership, you are now an Author with ChristianWritersBookstore. If you haven’t created a WordPress account yet, you will need to do so.

Click Here to get started. You will not need to create a website (It’s Free) to become an Author or Contributor.

How To (Step By Step Screenshots):

In this example, an account has been made titled “Dummy Site” to illustrate how to write from your account to ChristianWritersBookstore.

Step 1 is the sign into your WordPress account.

In the first picture, it opens up to the “Dummy Site” WordPress backend. In the top left corner, circled in red, says “Switch Sites”. In the second picture, is what happens after you click on it.

Dummy Account 1

In the second picture, you can see the two websites that are available: Dummy Site (whatever you name your account) and ChristianWritersBookstore. Click on ChristianWritersBookstore.

In the third picture, there are two main menus highlighted that you should look at: Posts and Be An Affiliates.

Be An Affiliate will send you to a registration on ChristianWritersBookstore where you can join to advertise the website’s memberships. You will earn a commission after someone becomes a Gold Member.

As an Contributor or Author, you can click on “Posts”. Once you click on it, you will see a list of every post (blog) written on ChristianWritersBookstore.

Blogs (“Posts”) are automatically set to be shared through the ChristianWritersBookstore Facebook Page. Books are also included in this section to help them with further advertisement. And this is where you will be able to share.

Under “Post”, you will see the sub-menu “Add New” as well as a purple button to the right that says “Add New Post”. Click on either of them to write.

This page is where you can write your blog post. I have circled “Post”, “Tags”, “Set Featured Image”, and “Yoast SEO”.

After you have written your blog post as you would like, go to the “Post” menu. Scroll it down to the “Permalink”, “Categories”, “Tags” and “Featured Image”.

Click on “Tags” and tag your article with words and phrases people may notice in your post. Consider tagging your name and your topic (Basketball, Bible, Bible Verse, Baking Recipes, etc).

Second, click on Set Featured Image. You will be able to upload an image from your computer or use Pexels Free Photos.

Finally, “Yoast SEO” is a helpful tool to offer tips on how to make sure your blog post is easy to read and accessible to Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization- SEO).

It provides two menus: Readability Analysis and SEO Analysis. The red face will turn to yellow and then green as you use the helpful tools provided under the menus.

Once you are done, you can Publish your post. If you are a Gold Member Author, you are done. If you would like to take it down at any point, return to it and click on “Switch To Draft”. If you are a Contributor, a button will pop up that says “Submit For Review” at which point, your blog post will be considered, edited (if needed) and approved or denied.


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