Stone Thrower

Stone Thrower

Have you ever briefly met someone, and, wondered what their story was and what had happened to them?

In Stone Thrower, fifteen individuals have a life-changing encounter with the world’s most important person…

But then what? Did their lives change for the better—or worse? What about their hopes and dreams? And what were their circumstances before?

In Stone Thrower, author Mike Casper has masterfully written their backstories:

  • The warmly told account of a cruelly deformed man who is given a chance for a healthy life, 
  • The desperate, heroic struggle of a mother fighting to rid her daughter of the thing within, 
  • A ravaged family of slaves reunited in the most unlikely way,

—and eleven other tales sure to grab and keep your attention all the way to a startling but satisfying conclusion.

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By Michael Furlonger

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