Shrouds Over Eden
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Shrouds Over Eden: A Voice For The Broken-Hearted

Helen Khan weaves an allegorical narrative through societal traditions that sanction domestic abuse and inequality towards women, but the garden gives a welcomed response of unconditional love, respect and dignity.

Sonu, the narrator, takes the reader on a journey through her neighbourhood, Baraka Colony, that explains the societal mindset where violence towards women is expected and accepted behaviour.

Sonu sees her mother abused and as the terror in their home intensifies, escapes to a magical garden where the shrouds are lifted to reveal a world she has never known. It is here she meets Lamb who teaches her that women deserve respect and kindness. Never having seen real love before, she meets unconditional love.

In contrast to the tragedy of her world, her repeated escapes into the garden are a triumphal chorus of hope, encouragement and strength. Now she has a story of hope and redemption to tell, and even in death she continues her journey throughout the earth sharing that women are worthy of love and respect.

If you have ever felt disrespected or have been abused, a journey with Sonu to her garden will give you the same encouragement and strength that she received there, especially from Lamb.

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By Helen Khan

My first published book Shrouds Over Eden is influenced by my experiences living in a South Asian nation for over ten years. My years as a marriage and spiritual counsellor and my education in Sociology and International and Intercultural Education also weave their way into my writings. When I use the word writings, that means that other books are on the way. I try to live a retired life with my husband, 2 dogs, several cats, a peacock and other featured friends, but somehow my life is always busy. My favourite time of the day is doing word games with my husband while sitting on our veranda. You can also follow me on Facebook at My profile is also on Goodreads

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