Short Stories Book 4 (Short Stories Series)

Short Stories Book 4 (Short Stories Series)

A collection of short stories:

  1. “The Extra” — A movie extra who never fulfilled his expectations begins to feel like an extra to everyone around him. Then, an unexpected phone call revives his dream.
  2. “The Case of the Alphabet Killer” — Private investigator Bobbie Heck’s latest client is convinced someone is murdering his former classmates. She attends his 10 Year High School Reunion searching for suspects and finds a L.O.S.T. boy, touchy/feely faculty member, and another teacher who is a perfect gentleman. Her client needs Bobbi to solve this case in a hurry because his fiancée won’t marry him until he finds the killer who she and Bobbi are not convinced even exists.
  3. “Special Delivery” — A kind old lady handles the weekly grocery shopping for her neighbors in their trailer court. Unsavory characters make her once enjoyable task dangerous.
  4. “Intervention Detention” — Gus Rains just wants to be left alone. But his wife and six of his friends convene a meeting to confront Gus’ nastiest habit.
  5. “Sing Unto the Lord a New Song” — A late-life crisis drags a wife into her husband’s latest scheme.

“Short Stories Book 4” is part of The Short Stories Series.

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