Sackcloth And Ashes Of The Heart

Sackcloth And Ashes Of The Heart

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In biblical times, it was customary for people to rip their clothing to express strong emotions due to tragic events or situations.

This act was not only a public display of grief, shame, or anger – it was sacrificial. Clothing was expensive back then. Factories weren’t around for mass production; instead, each garment was laboriously manufactured by hand and produced according to the need. It was a sign of the individual’s abject lament and social demise.

Beyond the death of a spouse or a child, national grief could signal this kind of mourning and grief. Prophets and spiritual seers also used this theatrical display to signify abject spiritual poverty.

In these eight lessons, SACKCLOTH AND ASHES OF THE HEART, Bible teacher Sheri Caruso presents the situations and commentary of the seven churches named by Old Testament prophets and the Book of Revelation.

The studies are written in a warm and inviting way to help students examine personal detours that may be distracting a Christian from holiness and freedom in Christ.

SACKCLOTH AND ASHES OF THE HEART is the Christian liturgy and Bible study process needed to “clean house” in getting right with God.

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