Roslyn's Rescue (Time Told Tales)

Roslyn’s Rescue (Time-Told Tales Book 1)

Roslyn’s circumstances changed when her father died, and her mother fell ill. She didn’t know what would have happened if Asher, the woodcutter, had not helped them, however, the villagers think him dimwitted.

When some rogue knights try to harass Roslyn and her mother forbids her to see Asher again, things look even more dire, and her trips through the Dark Woods to see Grandmother become even more dangerous. Her grandmother keeps telling her to trust God, but will that be enough?

This classic fairy tale becomes a historical novella set in the Middle Ages. It will shed its magic and make-believe and take on a new reality that will keep readers turning pages until the end.

Roslyn’s Rescue is book 1 of the Time-Told Tales series.

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