Return To Twilight

Return to Twilight: Book Two

B08433RW4R- Kindle Edition
1951084209- Paperback
1951084195- Hardcover

Return To Twilight is Book Two of the Land of Twilight Trilogy

Seventh-grade Lorna struggles with the meaning of “friend” like, how to be one, how to choose one, and how to keep one.

Lorna rejects her dad, tricks her mom, and turns her back on the ethereal Land of Twilight. She even turns from her best friend, Sam, in favor of gaining the attention of Jenny, a new girl in the neighborhood. Lorna sheds her generous personality, as she learns to steal and hide. As life spirals downward, she pretends to enjoy her seventh-grade year in Crestwood, Arizona. It has to be Sam’s turn to do what true friends do. But, everything he tries turns to mush.

GET THIS cliff-hanging sequel! For readers, age 9-13, who enjoy Celtic mythology and busting the dust in the Arizona desert with a best friend.


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