Reshner's Royal Threat

Reshner’s Royal Threat

Revenge takes times and effort … and sacrifice.

Once upon a time, Princess Mavis chose love over a political marriage. Her father disowned her, stripping away any chance she or an heir would inherit Reshner’s throne. But her father is dead, and so are her little brother and his elder son.

Thus far, Mavis’s nephew, Terosh, has turned out to be an adequate king, but Reshner cannot afford to be divided. The Galactic Alliance of Populated Planets has been hoping to annex the Edge Planet for years.

Mavis bears no particular ill-will toward the young queen or Terosh. However, if she cannot install a powerful ruler quickly and secure strong allies, her homeworld will be enslaved.

The only way to remove the current rulers is to kill them.

*This book can be read alone, but it is much better if read after Reshner’s Royal Ranger and before Reshner’s Royal Guard.


This is Book 2 in the Anotech Chronicles series.

The complete series is Reshner’s Royal RangerReshner’s Royal Threat, and Reshner’s Royal Guard.

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