Real Jesus? Or Counterfeit Jesus?

Real Jesus? Or Counterfeit Jesus?

This is a book about Christianity and how there are false prophets who are introducing hateful, mean-spirited, and biblically inaccurate agendas. Those people are inventing a bogus and counterfeit view of Jesus.

Topics which are discussed are many, including…

  • Proper Bible interpretation
  • Balancing the call to confront evil with the duty of be gentle
  • Religiously motivated child abuse
  • Authoritarian “leadership”
  • Gender roles
  • Sex trafficking
  • Truth or falsehood?
  • How does a Christian live out the call to love all other people, even enemies?

Well, this book will help you to see that there are true things, and there are false things. Many of the very hard and troubling passages in the Bible and explained and discussed in great detail, all from a reverent and respectful view of the Bible.

Which path will you choose?

Throughout the book, there is a comparison between the way Jesus is described in the Bible, with the counterfeit views of Jesus that some religious and nonreligious people spew out.

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By Michael Furlonger

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