Psalm Hymns Book Three to Four

Psalm Hymns: Volumes Three & Four, Psalms 73-106 (Psalm-Hymns Book 2)

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173244577X- Paperback

Psalms 73-106 Want a fun and deeply interesting way to get a grip on the complexity of life? Sing the Biblical Psalms! Understand that you are not alone in the personal or communal struggle. This Christian hymnal is a tour guide to the Biblical, Davidic Psalms, Books 3 & 4 that will bring you insight and comfort.

The Psalms are an ancient approach to the education of Who God Is. Perhaps you’ve heard of God your whole life, but have never sought out the historic testimonies of His character and abilities. Does this spiritual path inspire you? The Psalms were authorized by the Hebrews and the early Church for worshiping the Almighty; specifically, these Psalms 73-106, contain testimonies and transcending praise from people in survival mode whom God met in miraculous ways. These strategies are right here at your fingertips also.

THINKING OF VISITING THE HOLY LAND? TAKE THESE PSALMS along your tour for engaging the understanding of historic times and for your own spiritual growth.

Use the Psalm Hymns in prayer walking or tutoring yourselves in the human responses to God in biblical history.

Dramatic poetry, uncensored human pleas during triumph and tragedy, reflect the Hebrew and early Church worship as prescribed, authorized, set to singable hymn melodies. Uses include the education of historical context or modern theater, liturgy or Sunday school, praise & worship or introductions to Biblical messages. Also use for campfires, retreats, brain teasers for memorization, and historical, religious story-telling. Singing these Psalms is guaranteed to change your life! Spiritual exercise is like hand-to-hand combat with hostile enemies in other paradigms. Open your eyes to these kingdoms past, present, and future and win the real struggles in the principalities of earth.

The psalms are easy enough to inspire children in their faith, to teach them the miracles of God in history.

“In Psalm Hymns, L. L. Larkins has paraphrased the lyrics of the 150 psalms so they can be sung to familiar hymn tunes. For example, her set of lyrics for Psalm 23 and the way she has set them to “Away in a Manger” are one of my favorites.

This volume can be used as a devotional companion for reading the book of Psalms. Pastors and teachers can also use the Psalm-Hymns created by Larkins to introduce or conclude their sermons or lessons from the book of Psalms.

This volume is also a great resource for small group Bible studies. However you use it, Psalm Hymns will take you deeper into the message of the psalms and help you express your praise and lament to God.

“L. L. Larkins has provided a fantastic resource for anyone who loves the book of Psalms.” – Steven D. Mathewson, Senior Pastor of CrossLife Church, Libertyville, Illinois; Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon; author of The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative survival spiritual handbook for holy land tours rescue the perishing personal growth faith guide faith mentors testimony books self-help singing the psalms hymns sons of Korah meditation knowledge of the holy spiritual combat chaplain handbook preparation preaching when God’s people pray Daniel revelation preaching the art of old testament narrative

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