Psalm Hymns Volume Five

Psalm Hymns: Volume Five, Psalms 107-150

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Hey! Congratulations! You’ve landed on the final book of Biblical Psalms in the Psalm Hymns series, Volume Five. Psalms 107-150 contains singable, recitable psalms in full form, adapted from the Biblical Psalms so that you can sing and memorize them easily.

In this volume of the Psalm Hymns series, you are offered a method for singing and sharing the Biblical Psalms of pilgrimage and ascent. Celebrate and dance! Maybe your favorite psalm is included.

There are some sticky psalms, like Psalm 119- King David’s love poem to God’s law. You can ask yourself while singing it, why the law is important to a King. 

Psalm 137 is full of bile and bitterness, written by the remnant captives after the desolation of Jerusalem. But there are also the most lyrical and beautiful of praises for the eternal rule of God found in the Psalms of Ascent and in Psalm 107 and Psalm 136. 

Psalm 139 is the lyrical ode and articulate description of God knitting our bodies together in secret, and how He watches over and cares for us no matter where we go. Celebration Psalms finish out the entire book of Psalm Hymns series as a grand finale. Sing them! Psalm Hymns are adapted by a Bible scholar and life-long worship musician, L. L. Larkins. Singing The Psalms on a Tour of Israel is an ideal way to enjoy and discuss the relevance of what you experience and see. Using the Psalm Hymns for personal devotions often leads to emotional involvement with the text. It can also be used as a dramatic script for liturgical performances. Bible Studies on Zion and biblical history can now be sung.

Why Are there Commands? Why did King David praise God’s law?

Treasures of knowledge from the eternal, loving, and faithful God are found in the Psalms. Worship the Lord in your pilgrimage to Jerusalem or pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Discover the Biblical Jewish Law. Use the Psalm Hymns for opening up a message about a Psalm. Praise and Worship meet the Ten Commandments in the Psalms. History of the Western Legal System gains a new respect and interest.


“In Psalm Hymns, L. L. Larkins has paraphrased the lyrics of the 150 psalms so they can be sung to familiar hymn tunes. For example, her set of lyrics for Psalm 23 and the way she has set them to “Away in a Manger” are one of my favorites. This volume can be used as a devotional companion for reading the book of Psalms. Pastors and teachers can also use the Psalm-Hymns created by Larkins to introduce or conclude their sermons or lessons from the book of Psalms. This volume is also a great resource for small group Bible studies. However you use it, Psalm Hymns will take you deeper into the message of the psalms and help you express your praise and lament to God.

L. L. Larkins has provided a fantastic resource for anyone who loves the book of Psalms.”
– Steven D. Mathewson, Senior Pastor of CrossLife Church, Libertyville, Illinois; Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon; author of The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative

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