Perseverance (Short Stories) (Short Stories Series Book 1)
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Perseverance (Short Stories) (Short Stories Series Book 1) 

Collection of short stories:

  1. What Smells? — Little girl’s fascination with garbage trucks takes her on a wild ride.
  2. Revenge of the Undead — Promoting and marketing self-published books turns out to be harder than it seems for an author and her book’s marketer.
  3. Riding the Bullet — Casual conversation on a high speed train escalates into unexpected consequences.
  4. The Case of the Missing Sophomore — Frantic mother hires P.I. Bobbi Heck to locate her missing daughter.
  5. OFFAL’s Last Stand — Changes intrude on a fraternal organization’s longtime members, threatening their number one source of fun and fellowship.
  6. Why Do You Look So Strange (All of a Sudden) — Life in a nursing home goes from mundane to bizarre for two of its residents.
  7. Porthole in the Fog — Small opening in a dense fog opens up some long repressed memories for a jogger.
  8. EMP Code Blue — The Mother of all solar activity leaves Earth’s nations scrambling for cover.
  9. Battling the Big CA in Sunny CA — Cancer in any form can be deadly, especially when it moves from one’s body to soul.

Perseverance (Short Stories) is book 1 in the Short Stories Series.

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