People of Presence Faith & Purpose

B08DN6JV82- Kindle Edition
979-8669776442- Paperback

Do you yearn for God’s tangible presence? Do you desire to have unwavering faith, especially during adversity? Are you searching for purpose?
In People of Presence Faith & Purpose, Sheri Caruso encourages you to POP (to stand out, be bright and prominent) for the Kingdom of God in this dark and dreary world. In this devotional you will learn strategies to increase your faith and gain peace of mind as your God-given purpose is revealed.

This 12-week devotional is designed to revive, sustain, and harmonize your relationship with the trinity; Father God, Jesus our Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit.

Becoming more in-tuned with the trinity will help you:
•Obtain a closer and more intimate relationship with God
•Remain in-step with HIS will
•Increase your desire to pray and worship the Lord
•Cover you with the love and joy Jesus intended you to have
•Become a viable witness to those around you\

Do you hunger for the Lord’s purpose to prevail in your life? Are you ready to be unshakable? Then it’s time to Press In and become People of HIS Presence.

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