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Peace (The Farmers Book 2)

JASMINE FARMER CAN HARDLY contain her excitement as she finishes high school and begins college. She meets three young men who might be serious boyfriend material.

Cameron is a great guy and her brother’s best friend, but she feels no romantic spark when she’s with him. Michael is so shy he’s easily overlooked, and Reuben is charismatic but pushy and moody. When all three dates end up with their cars vandalized, Jasmine wonders what’s happening.

In the meantime, Isaac, her brother, is having his own set of problems. His girlfriend breaks up with him to pursue a career in the theater; and Edna, his acting mother, falls and breaks her hip. When Libby Robinson comes to help out, Isaac finds himself attracted to her. He’d seen her for years because she’s Jasmine’s best friend, so why is he just now noticing how special she is?

Peace is part two of The Farmers Trilogy.

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By Michael Furlonger

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