Panic Attacks Calming The Storm
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Panic Attacks Calming the Storm: A Journey of Hope in a World of Anxiety

How do I explain what I’m going through?

Will anybody understand? This book takes a logical approach to help you understand what few can explain.

Brian Ludwig was a typical businessman who truly demanded success. He was driven by logic, obsessed with order, and only truly comfortable when firmly in control. For 10 years, he was overcome by debilitating panic attacks and anxiety disorder that completely turned his life upside down. Through his relentless nature, he was determined to not let his life be taken hostage.

Brian sought to understand how the mind works and gathered invaluable information by observing and counseling others overwhelmed by panic and anxiety. He discovered some common denominators that spur on panic and anxiety attacks. In Journey 1, he, shares his straightforward approach that set him and many others free.

Meanwhile, he could not drown out the constant desire to unravel the truth about God. So, how does a man driven by logic and control learn to understand a God who appears illogical to the world and is only fully embraced through yielding?

In Journey 2,

Follow Brian through his determination to overcome spiritual confusion. As he yielded to know God, spiritual truths were unraveled that actually helped pave the way for him to obtain his freedom from panic disorder and, in the process, truly know the ways of God.

God empowered Brian to experience the miraculous and took him to a place where the illogical actually became logical.

Discover how his journey to obtain freedom from panic disorder merges with his quest to understand the nature of God. Together they make a compelling story, but more importantly, they offer the reader a road to success for the same struggles that so many face.

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