My Son His Son

My Son His Son

This book is written from the heart of one who desperately sought God in the midst of utter chaos. In this account, I will share my story including, not only the struggles but some keys I learned along the way to making it through those desperate days.

But for the grace of God, I would have given up in despair. God proved to be my everything and as the ‘Hound of Heaven,’ he continually chased my son down.

My son, Daniel, blessed my life with immeasurable joy, but he also brought the most profound pain I have ever experienced.

For those who are clinging to sanity while your teen spirals out of control, and to those who come behind me, I hold out a torch urging you to run to Jesus because He holds all the answers to all your questions.

Be brave dearest Mom and weary Dad as you wait on God who will never leave you and who will not let go of your kid.

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