My Prophetic Dream Revealing The End Time
Mi Sueño Profético Revelando el Tiempo Final (Spanish Edition)

This book is about a prophetic dream the Lord gave me, revealing His coming and the persecution.

In the dream, I was not prepared and ready for what was about to take place. The Lord allowed me to see this experience so I can write about it to help others be ready and prepared for when this event will take place.

The Holy Spirit, my teacher and helper, helped me to put together the information that has been written. It covers events that will be taken place in the end-time.

It has important information about the deception and the falling away that will occur before the coming of the Lord.

This book will help the reader understand the events that will be taking place in the last days. It will encourage people to get their life right with the Lord before He comes. It will reveal the truth from the word of God with scriptures reference.

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By Michael Furlonger

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