My Levels To His Realms

My Levels To His Realms

Are you ruled by your emotions? The way we feel and respond to people shows just how we think God feels and responds to us.

My youth was filled with emotional roller coasters. I would take one emotion and multiply it and add several more false emotions.


Misery loves company and bad spirits run in packs. Opening the door for one leaves enough room for others to slither in at the same time.

This book was birthed from poetry I wrote while I was riding these roller coasters. And poetry that God gave me in my healing and restoration.

You will see “My Levels” are the older poems filled with the lies of the enemy.

“His Realms” are my newer poems filled with true knowledge of Abba.

I invite you with me on this journey with the Father to discover what lies you have accepted in your life.

My Levels To His Realms will reveal to you what thoughts and feelings are pure and true and what Abba truly thinks about you!

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By Michael Furlonger

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