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    Is There a Law Against Love?

    While Paul wrote that there is no law against love, Tolstoy wrote there is a law of love. He believed that no law prohibits choosing to do what is loving. The Christian is not threatened by external things when he is liberated within to love. “The divine law of love, which is implanted in the […]

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    The Fruit of Self-Control: Something I Need

    When we think of someone with a lack of self-control, perhaps we turn to a historical figure like Henry VIII. Henry is known for his enormous appetite, six wives and multiple executions during his reign. One could say that he overindulged and had no self-control. But we don’t have to go back into history, most […]

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    Shrouds Over Eden: A Voice For The Broken-Hearted by Helen Khan

    Shrouds Over Eden: A Voice For The Broken-Hearted Helen Khan weaves an allegorical narrative through societal traditions that sanction domestic abuse and inequality towards women, but the garden gives a welcomed response of unconditional love, respect and dignity. Sonu, the narrator, takes the reader on a journey through her neighbourhood, Baraka Colony, that explains the […]

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    The Compelling Tug of the Fruit of Gentleness

    When you meet someone gentle in spirit, how does it make you feel? There is something compelling about that gentle person that draws us in. Their gentleness tugs at our hearts and minds. The fruit of gentleness doesn’t hurt, rather it is a soothing balm that caresses our souls, minds and hearts. There is also […]

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    Faithfulness’ Dependency on the Holy Spirit

    Good fruit on a tree isn’t produced independently of the tree, nor of the nutrients flowing up the roots towards the branches. Good fruit isn’t produced just because the branch wants it so. So where do we go when we are commanded to bear the fruit of faithfulness?  The apostles had it right when they […]

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