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Me: Short read two hours or more (Americana Series Book 2)

It’s been said, “If you can remember the 60s, you weren’t there.”

The saying “If you can remember the 70s, you were there” is even more true.

On the eve of 1970, four former bandmates of the rock group The Aspirations have their lives changed forever by the war in Vietnam and draft lottery. All of that is only a prelude to what they will encounter during the turbulent decade when the Me Generation seemed to say: “Ask not what you can do for anyone else. Ask what they can do for you.”

Me is Book 2 in the Americana Series, which takes a look at America during different phases of its history. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone.

  • Book 1 in the series in “Bakersfield”
  • Book 2 in the series is “ME.”
  • Book 3 in the series is “1838.”
  • Book 4 in the series is “1966.”
  • Book 5 in the series is “Why Have You Come to Our Land?”

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