Juanita and the Outlaw (Texas Treasures Book 2)

Juanita López loves God and her family and only wants to make them happy.

Sent to Boston to become a lady and find a suitable husband, Juanita López quickly tires of parties, fancy ball gowns, and dandies vying for her attention. When racial prejudice attacks from an unexpected source, she longs to return to Texas and her beloved home, the Triple P Ranch.

Pete Murphy is hiding from everyone, including God.

Pete, a cowboy with a facial scar and a wounded spirit, arrives at the Triple P, wanting nothing more than a fresh start. He accompanies his boss to Boston, where he meets the lovely Juanita López. At first, he can’t believe that she could find him anything but hideous, but eventually he accepts she can see beyond his physical scar and past sins.

But Pete’s former life catches up with him, putting Juanita in harm’s way and threatening to destroy their budding relationship. Can Pete save Juanita before it’s too late, and will their love survive this obstacle of their faith?

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By Michael Furlonger

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