Journey to Brighthaven: Brighthaven Chronicles, Book 1

*NEW* Christian Fantasy Series

Brighthaven Chronicles
Elandria was once ruled by a High King, and the 8 territories were each ruled by lesser Kings. Before he left to visit the other lands far across the ocean, High King Amorii entrusted Elandria’s care to his son, King Joshua, Ruler of Brighthaven, a small but pivotal territory in the very center of Elandria.

As his ship set sail, the lesser Kings saw their opportunity. Evil factions moved treacherously against Joshua and soon, all of Elandria was in civil war. All except for Brighthaven.

Now, this terrible war of good and evil has lasted so many generations that many have forgotten they are a nation at war. The origins are obscure. The distinction between truth and deceit are barely there.

Many are ignorant but Aria, a homeless, orphan from a tiny, dirty kingdom, is soon thrown into a journey that will launch her into the true reality of this shadow war.

Book 1- Journey to Brighthaven

Aria, a young, orphan, street urchin, chased by angry boy mob, she hides in the only safe place she can find- an empty carriage, or so she thinks!

This surprising twist of fate presents an opportunity she never expected- adoption by the High King of the fabled land of Brighthaven! Or is He even real? Does this kingdom even exist?

As Aria and her new friends journey across a war-torn kingdom, they urgently seek to see if the High King really redeems orphans and street urchins?

Will He want a homeless, orphan girl from the dirty, inner city of Rohrmond? Or is this just a pipe dream? A waste of everyone’s time?

In this journey she will learn many truths about herself and her friends. A journey of identity, of survival, and of overcoming.
Fans of The Sylvan Chronicles, The Chronicles of Narnia will love this new series!

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