My Champion

My Champion (Also in Audio)

  • You are Lord in Heaven
  • Lord on this Earth.
  • Master and Maker,
  • King and Creator,
  • Father of all things,
  • And lover of my soul.
  • I have an enemy.
  • He knows how to hurt me.
  • He knows what I want to hear.
  • He knows how to twist my wants,
  • Make me think they’re needs.
  • Help me drown out his voice.
  • Lord, be my victory,
  • Be my champion.
  • Show me Your glory.
  • Make me part of your story.
  • I want to know You better.
  • Open my ears, flood my mind.

Teach my heart to hear

You and only You.


The combination book, Made to Praise, contains all three collections.

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By Michael Furlonger

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