How To Make Your Prayer Time Fresh And Exciting

How To Make Your Prayer Time Fresh And Exciting

One of the hardest things for a Christian to do is to maintain a consistent, daily prayer time. And when you do take time to pray, it can be difficult knowing how to pray in an effective way.

Have you ever read about the great prayer warriors who prayed for hours at a time? How did they do it?

In this book, Pastor Mark Agan will show you the secret to having a successful prayer time. You will also learn some great tips and ideas he has gleaned from other preachers—including an actual prayer guide that you can immediately begin to use that will transform your prayer time into something fresh and exciting!

Chapters Include:

  • The Key to Prayer
  • How to Get Your Prayers Answered
  • The Secret to a Successful Prayer Time
  • Developing a Fresh Prayer List
  • Clean Out Your Closet
  • Praying for Your Prodigal
  • Praying for the Lost
  • Teaching Your Children How to Pray

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