Everyday Journal

Everyday Journal: Reading and Remembering God’s Word

This is a journal developed to help people record key passages and life lessons learned as they read through the Bible. Sometimes I have forgotten things that God has taught me in the Bible. When this happens we lose something very important in our lives.

In Matthew 4:4 Jesus says man shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. That is why I created this journal. With your input and time, it could become a sacred scrapbook.

The program was designed as a work at your own pace program. However, if you read 2 chapters a day and write your thoughts comments or lessons you can read through the Bible in about 1 and a half years.

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By jonathonwright

I am currently writing a book called God Unusual Plan. It is a dramatic historic devotional study of Genesis 1-9. I hope you enjoy.

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