Dust Storms

Dust Storms (In from the Storms Book 3)

After Aileas rejects him. Brady Shape leaves Wyoming and wanders to Texas. He gets a job at Double G Ranch and becomes their temporary foreman. However, he never feels comfortable in the job, although he’s determined to catch the cattle rustlers before he leaves. He can’t seem to forget Aileas, either.

When he meets Nora Joseph, she needs rescuing from a desperate situation. He’s determined to see her situated before he leaves Sagebrush, but somehow, she talks him into taking her with him. The only place he can think to take her is back to Aileas in Wyoming. However, getting there will take battling dust storms, the storms of their pasts, and storms that loom in the future.

Dust Storms can be read as a standalone or part of the trilogy. It does have a definite ending, although the family’s story continues.

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