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Day of the Bomb (Victory to Dystopia Series Book 1) 

For Jason and his fiancé Thelma, the bomb meant he never had to invade Japan and maybe die or at least be wounded.

For Fred, the bomb means guilt and fear, wondering why it had to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as his wife Sally tries to help him.

For Soviet and East German scientists, trying to develop a sufficient weapon of mass destruction means involuntary servitude to a nation intent on catching America in an arms race.

For a federal employee who worked where the first bomb was developed, life spirals into a search for an escape from nuclear annihilation.

When Jason discovers that radioactive fallout from the tests conducted after the war may be responsible for his child’s handicaps, he too looks for a safe haven, even if it’s only a bomb shelter.

Day of the Bomb is Book One of the Victory to Dystopia series.

The series covers the 150 years of American history from 1945, when the United States took on the mantle of the number one world superpower, until 2095, when it has descended into a dystopia controlled by private citizen technocrats and governmental bureaucrats and the computers and drones they use to control a no longer free people.

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By Michael Furlonger

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