Danger In Dallas

Disaster awaits her down in the Big D …

After encountering the wrong kind of crazy in Vegas and Reno, Megan Luchek goes to Dallas to relax and check out a hotel for her friends. Par for her luck, she gets kidnapped in broad daylight and taken to a madman’s mansion. Worse, she gets locked in a storm shelter.

But the bad guy’s not really after her. He simply needs her as bait to draw out the assassin—Cassandra Mirren.

Megan and the assassin are going to have to rely upon the Eagle Eyes program one more time if they want to live through the danger in Dallas.


This is the third book in the Eagle Eyes series. The Eagle Eyes events follows Violence in Vegas, Rescue in Reno, and Danger in Dallas.

There’s a series that comes before this called Shadow Council and a series that comes after it called Cyber League Crimes. Each combination title is available in ebook, print, or audiobook. If you grab the ebook, you can get a discount on the audio version performed by Liz Brand. The combo books are also available in paperback form. There’s also a combination ebook called Megan Luchek that has all 10 of the novellas.

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